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Website Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms – As Fox Cleaners, we use this website to share about our services. On this site, users can link to our SMRT customer service system to schedule services and check on orders. SMRT system users under the age of 13 should have a parent or guardian’s permission before using the SMRT system through the Fox website.

License to Use – Visitors to this site may use the site for informational purposes related to Fox Cleaners services. Information is the property of Fox Cleaners and may not be copied or redistributed outside of the use of Fox Cleaners service-related business.

Cookies – We may keep track of the websites and pages our users visit within Fox Cleaners, in order to determine the best way to serve information to our Fox Cleaners clients. We may use this data to deliver customized content and advertising within Fox Cleaners to customers who demonstrate an interest in those services. You can opt out of this by disabling cookies on your internet browser.  

Acceptable Use Policy – This site is to be used for informational purposes. Images and wording may not be copied or reused. Any promotions involving Fox Cleaners may only happen with the express written consent of the owners of Fox Cleaners.  

International Use and Compliance – Visitors using this site may only do so in accordance with the laws in their area.

User Accounts – Accounts with Fox Cleaners are handled through the SMRT customer service system. You may log into your account to make any changes to that account.

Modification of Site – Fox Cleaners may modify, change, add to, terminate, or suspend any part or all of the site at any time, even without providing notice.

Privacy – Users may find our complete privacy policy here.

Rights and Ownership – The information on this site is the intellectual property of Fox Cleaners, and visitors to the site may not use it in any way without permission.

Disclaimers – Fox Cleaners holds no liability to customers who use this website. This site is for general information purposes only and the information provided may change at any time, including location and hours of operation information.

Termination and Modification – Fox Cleaners reserves the right to modify or terminate access to this site at any time.

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