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Fox Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
We have several locations in the greater Dayton area. Find all of our locations and hours HERE.

What are your hours?
Hours vary by location. Click here for our hours or visit our home page.

Is pickup and delivery free?
Yes! We do offer free pickup and delivery within our service area. Call or text our route concierge at 937-260-9964 to find out if you are located in our service area.

Do you offer alteration services?
Yes! We have a full-service alterations department with a tailor on staff. Fittings are available at our Main Street and Miamisburg locations. Walk in or schedule an appointment by calling the store numbers. Rush alterations are available.

Do you have a laundromat?
We have laundromats at our Main Street and Brandt Pike locations. They have large front-loading washers and ample dryers. Click here to learn more about our Laundromats.

When do I pick up my items?
We will let you know when your items are available for pickup. Please call the Main Street location at 937-276-4171 if you have questions. We do ask that items are picked up within 90 days to avoid any storage fees.

What happens if I forget to pick up my items?
We will make every effort to reach you to remind you that your items are available for pickup. We do keep items for one year before donating them to a charitable organization.

Do you more than just dry cleaning?
YES! We offer professional laundry services, comforter cleaning, bridal gown cleaning and preservation, garment preservation, shirt service, fur/leather/suede cleaning and storage, patio cushion cleaning and storage, drapery and curtain cleaning, alterations, fabric restoration, and rug cleaning. Basically, if it’s fabric… we can take care of it for you! Click here to learn about our other services. 

Do you offer laundry service?
We do! We provide professional laundry service through our Laundry Club and student laundry services

What type of bag should I put my first load of laundry service laundry in?
If you don't have a Fox Cleaners laundry bag yet, use a traditional laundry bag or durable plastic bags for your dirty laundry. We'll return your laundry in a new Fox laundry bag.

How can I sign up for notifications about sales and discounts?
Click here to fill out our basic form and you will be signed up for our Fox Rewards Club. We send regular text messages and emails to let you know of the best prices and discounts available. Be sure to mention the coupon code when dropping off your items.


If you are not receiving your promotional text messages from us or if you opted out of receiving text messages but wish to start again, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Text the word UNSTOP to 844-931-4831

  2. Text the word FOXCLEANERS to 844-931-4831

  3. You will receive a welcome-back message letting you know you have been resubscribed to mobile alerts.

How can I request commercial laundry services for my business?

Commercial laundry is a passion of ours. Head over to our commercial page and complete the short laundry assessment form.

Should I launder or dry clean my items?
We understand that it can be difficult to know if an item is safe to clean in a standard washing machine. We pay close attention to fabric types to ensure that we clean your garments correctly. However, please let us know if you have any specific cleaning requests for your garments, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

How long can I expect my laundered shirt to last?
The lifespan of a shirt varies depending on the fabric, cut, wear and tear, and number of washings. A good rule of thumb is that a normal laundered shirt will last for about 35 to 50 washings, which means that a shirt with average wear and tear will last for about 2 years. This is roughly the same amount of time that fashion trends change!

Why do my buttons break?
Over time, buttons can become brittle and prone to breaking. At Fox Cleaners, we understand how frustrating it can be to find a missing button on an outfit, so we automatically replace standard buttons free of charge when we clean your items.

Why did I get a spot tag returned with my garment?
Some stains are too delicate to remove without the risk of damaging your garment. We always strive to remove all stains without causing any damage, but in some cases, we may need to ask for your permission before proceeding. If you receive a "Spot tag," we are happy to re-attempt stain removal with your approval.

What kind of cleaning methods do you use?
Fox Cleaners uses environmentally friendly solutions and ozone technology to clean heavily damaged fabrics, including those impacted by smoke or mold. We can not only clean these fabrics but also neutralize odors, leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean without any heavy perfumes.

Can you clean items damaged by smoke, mold, or water?
Yes, fabric restoration is one of our specialties! We can clean items damaged by fire, smoke, and other stubborn odors, including smoke, mold, and pet smell.

How do I add/update/change my credit card on file?

You can click here to log in to your online account. You will be able to update your payment information, edit preferences, see your order history, and schedule a pickup! You will even get reminders when your items are ready to be picked up.

How do I schedule a pickup?

If this is your first time using our services then we welcome you to Fox Cleaners! We are excited to be your dry cleaner of choice and if you click on this link you can create your account. You can also call or text our route concierge with your pickup and delivery related questions: 937-260-9964

I have an item that wasn’t returned/missing.

Oh no! Please click here to log in to your account and send us a message. Please provide a brief description of the item(s) like the type of item, brand, color, and date processed this will help expedite our investigation. We will have a representative reach out to you as soon as possible.

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