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Fox Cleaners Privacy Policy

Fox Cleaners takes your privacy seriously. This policy is designed to help you understand the information we collect, how we manage it, and how you can update or delete it.

What We Collect

When you visit our website, we may collect information that lets us know you have visited our site. This information would be used to share information with you regarding our services when you visit other sites.

When you become a member of our Fox Rewards Club or schedule a service with us, we may collect the following information: your name, your email address, your phone number, and your home or office address.

How We Manage Your Information

Fox Cleaners uses SMRT Systems for our customer information. SMRT manages all of this data on behalf of Fox Cleaners. Your information is protected and will not be shared outside of Fox Cleaners. We use this information to deliver the best possible service to you.

We may send you text messages regarding your order and about special offers for our Fox Cleaners Club members. You may opt out of these messages at any time.

Changing or Removing Your Information

To change your information, please visit your Fox Cleaners account and click on your account information to edit any aspect of your data. If you wish to have your information removed from our customer database, please send an email with your name as it appears in our system, your phone number, and your email address to


Effective November 3, 2022

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