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How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

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You loved the new clothes you purchased last year, but a few months after you bought them, you noticed they looked ragged and worn.

How can you prevent that from happening this year? At Fox Cleaners, we believe in making it easy for you to look good and our fabric experts have the following tips for you to keep your clothes looking new:

1. Wash your clothing in cold water. Hot water can damage fabrics and cause colors to fade. With today’s detergent technology, cold water is usually just as effective at cleaning clothes, and it's better for the environment.

2. Treat delicate items… delicately. Sweaters and blouses can get the loving care they deserve when you bring them to Fox Cleaners. Our team will gently clean each item and remove any pilling on sweaters. Want to wash items at home? Hand wash each item separately using a mild detergent. If you put delicate items in your washing machine, use a mesh laundry bag to help prevent items from getting snagged or damaged.

3. Spend a few extra minutes sorting your laundry. Before you throw that load in the wash, check for stains, and turn items inside out to slow down the fading process. Wash dark clothes separately from light fabrics to prevent color bleeding. It’s also important to avoid overloading your washing machine, which can wear out your clothing prematurely.

Want our best clothing maintenance secret? Fox Cleaners can manage your laundry for you and even offers a route service to your neighborhood.

4. Skip the dryer. Dry items like sweaters flat and hang up lighter-weight items. Check out new dryer rack options available at area retailers if you’re short on space. Air drying is more energy efficient, and it’s a gentler way to dry your clothes.

5. Store smarter. Take a look at your closet and drawers and look for improvements in the way you store your clothing. Avoid leaving your clothing out in sunlight for long periods of time. Hang items on hangers and neatly fold sweaters to avoid stretching.

Make your favorite clothing items last for years to come using these tips. Not only do you get to keep the clothing you love, but you also avoid creating additional waste. If you have any questions about cleaning your clothes, stop by your friendly neighborhood dry cleaner… Fox Cleaners. 

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