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Fox Cleaners Ready To Help Unemployed Workers

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Fox Cleaners is helping unemployed persons as they prepare for their next job interview. Fox Cleaners will clean a suit or interview outfit at no cost.

“Times are tough. It is difficult to manage expenses when there is no money coming in,” said Will Drook, owner of Fox Cleaners. “Looking your best for a job interview is not high on the list of priorities when it compares to putting food on the table. My team and I want to help those who are unemployed and looking for a job. We want to make it easy for you to look good at your next interview.”

Fox Cleaners has not placed an expiration date on this new service to the communities he serves, Drook noted. He asks that anyone taking advantage of the service mentions “QuickStart” when they are dropping off their item.

Fox Cleaners serves Dayton, Centerville, and the surrounding communities. Fox Cleaners offers many services, including dry cleaning and laundry pickup/delivery services, shirt cleaning and pressing, cleaning of household items, leather cleaning and repair, alterations, and more.

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